Independent SEO consultant and expert
of web site promotion in Google

What do I offer?

Search engine optimization



  • Formulation and implementation the terms of reference to the promoted page's texts;
  • Semantic core preparation and application, external links realization on website;
  • Initial recommendations on the website usability improvements;
  • SEO website audit. Implementation of the technical advice;

"Pay-per-Click" development



  • Google Adwords realization for each keyword and CTR, conversion improvement;
  • The key queries selection, budget planning for advertising;
  • Contextual advertising running and control;

Google Panda algorithm



  • Identification the Google Panda's effects and signals on website;
  • Determination the causes leading to getting caught up in Google Panda;
  • Elimination the Google Panda effects and filters on website;
  • Recovering website from Google Panda;
  • Consideration the additional parameters for improvement of website in Google;

Let me introduce myself

Welcome! My name is Pavel. I'm a SEO consultant and "pay per click" advertising expert with experience of more than 6 years. High web-site level rates in USA and Europe Google, reasonable price, personalized approach to clients are the main reasons of the profitable collaboration.

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International SEO consultant and PPC expert
Russian version
Twitter: @seopavel
Facebook: pavel.seo
Skype: pashapes